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About Lesbian Worlds

Originally conceived and released on the About.com network as Lesbian Life, Lesbian Worlds made its debut in December 1997. As its online presence and popularity grew, Lesbian Life unearthed a strong need in our community - a need that to that point, had not being addressed by the then popular online LGBT sites.

Over time many lesbians and bisexual women voiced concerns and complaints of their inability to find information and resources on the issues and topics that affected their lives. Most noted that the then popular online LGBT sites were focused mainly on the needs and interests of the gay-male, leaving very little resources to support the lesbian and bisexual women community.

Filling that need in our community, as well as building a network of support and nurturing, became the backbone and life-blood of Lesbian Life. But by the beginning of 2001, the About network lost its direction and interest in serving the needs of its members, and Lesbian Life began to stagnate. By the summer of that year, in an effort to infuse spirit back into Lesbian Life, the site was removed from the About network and Lesbian Worlds was born.

Our goal at Lesbian Worlds is to continue to develop a vibrant community, fueled by ideas, information, resources, and support. It is our hope that we can build a community where every woman is accepted, no matter what her stage of self-acceptance may be.

Welcome to our community.

About Therese

Considered a leader in community development through online outreach, Therese's experience ranges over a varied landscape of successful projects. From community development for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on America Online followed by web producing for The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Therese has a proven track record of successfully bringing together community and issues without loosing sight of the individual.

In November 1997, Therese released her first lesbian and bisexual women community specific project on the Mining Co network titled Lesbian Life. Originally envisioned as a support and information site for the lesbian and bisexual woman community, Lesbian Life quickly became one of the top sites in the Mining Co network. Four years later, as the tone and direction of the Mining Co network changed (along with its name), it became obvious it was time to move on.

In July 2001, the anticipated Lesbian Worlds went live and was quickly embraced by the online community.

Therese currently lives in Southern California with her son.

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