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Lesbians and the Internet

The internet is prolific with lesbian activities and has made lesbian porn a popular search amongst heterosexual men, perhaps even women who perhaps feel themselves inclined to be curious about something they have toyed with in their minds. After all, there are plenty of surveys that suggest a large percentage of women have either indulged or been tempted to indulge in a lesbian experience. Lesbian porn is a myth in my opinion, invented by frustrated males unable to satisfy their own woman so fantasisies about us women finding sexual pleasure with each other.

And it is purely non racist in its popularity cutting against all creeds and colors. White, arabian, asian and black lesbians all have significant lesbian populations.

The positive to come from the internet is the availability and access to like minded girls wanting either committed lesbians or curious about experimenting. Gay chat rooms, lesbian forums, lesbian dating sites and just general lesbian resources such as this one has made it easier for lesbians to come out and connect and interact with each other.

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