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Anna Ruling: 100 Years Of Lesbian Activism
Anna Rüling became the first known Lesbian activist when she gave her "What Interest does the Women's Movement have in Solving the Homosexual Problem?" in 1904.

Austin Lesbian Archives
Timeline of activism in Austin from 1970 to 1990.

Common Questions & Statements Answered
Wide variety of issues addressed.

Herstory Project
Listing of dissertations written between 1970 and 1990 on lesbian history topics.

June L. Mazer Lesbian Collection
A glimpse inside this amazing collection of historic lesbian materials.

Lesbian Herstory Archives
Primarily to serve the NY lesbian community, these archives are a blast for anybody seeking to explore our history.

Lesbian Separatist Manifesto
The standard "because" list - have any of them disappeared?

Notable Lesbians
Hundreds of lesbians listed without even including Anne Heche.

Radical Lesbians Manifesto
Documents from the early days of the Women's Liberation Movement.
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