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A Sacrifice for Friendship

Written By: DS BAUDEN
Reviewed By: Deborah Levinson

I love time travel stories. I probably have the largest collection of them and have read the most of them, than any other ten people I know put together.

So, I was very excited when I sat down to read A Sacrifice for Friendship, which I knew from reading the back cover (you all do read the back cover, yes?) dealt with this very issue.

Frankie Camarelli is a pretty typical lesbian; on her own since the death of her father, she owns and manages a Movie Memorabilia shop. Typical friends as well, including the metaphysical Crystal, and Crystalís grandmother, the neighborhood psychic. Although our Frankie knows "that" is all a crock. She sure does.

It is very easy to get caught up in the story of Frankie. Single and happy, she and her best friend Crystal have a connection you look at wondering why it has not blossomed into something different. The fact that Crystal is presumably straight doesnít seem to make too much of a difference as the clues are certainly there.

A Sacrifice For Friendship

There was something special about her, and there was a reason we had been brought together the way we were. I just didn't know what that reason was. Yet.

So, I settle in to read, assuming that there will be some time-traveling mystery of some sort or another with Frankie and Crystal solving it together and ending up, at last, in each otherís arms.

Uh, no.

Thatís not to say that what I do read is not wonderful. It is. Bauden delivers believable characters, and very plausible "back in time" sequences, without getting caught up into any of the possible "time space continuum" conflicts that can ruin an otherwise engaging time travel story.

In this story we discover that Frankie has been "called" back into the past. The question is to do what? And what will become of her attraction to a woman she meets twenty years in the past?

She needs all her wits and the assistance of Crystal and Crystalís grandmother to figure out what is happening to her, and more importantly, why it is happening to her.

The climax of the story will stun you, rendering the denouement a little anticlimactic, but all in all, the book is a good read, the story pleasing, and the author a definite addition to the ranks of people to add to your personal, "Does she have a new book out yet?" list.

Deborah Levinson
Community activist and WebMaven of Gay/Lesbian Issues

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