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Sharing My Husband...?
Ask And Answer

QUESTION: My husband wants another woman to join us (for sex). We have talked about it and I have expressed my curiosity (me and another woman). He has been in this type of relationship before (when single) and states that I would enjoy it. I, however, am unsure. I do not want to enter into a "relationship" of this kind with a stranger. 

I have a close friend who is interested (recently discussed). I love my husband very much and he loves me and states that he would never leave me for another woman, that I am the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. BUT, I cannot help feeling insecure (all the what ifs...). I have known my friend for 9 years and I have known my husband all my life. 

I just don't know how this will effect our relationship. My husband tells me that it is only about the thrill and excitement not love. 

HELP what should I do.


ANSWER: Why do women keep falling for these things?

Your husband is wrong, wrong, wrong! If that is not clear, let me repeat -- he is wrong. Having a sexual encounter with a third party (be they male or female, but ironically it is never another male) will change your relationship.

Sex is a very intimate, personal experience. This isn't just sharing a changing room with your girlfriend. This is the exchange of body fluids and intimate responses.

How are you going to feel seeing your husband intimately touch, fondle and engage in intercourse with another woman? How are you going to feel seeing your friend intimately touch, fondle and engage in intercourse with your husband? Can you keep yourself from comparing bodies and reactions?

My advice, tell your husband it's fun to share fantasies, but sharing intimacies outside of the marriage is not your cuppa tea.

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