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We offer graphic links in five different sizes, page locations and site locations. Examples of graphic size and shapes are shown on this page, along with pricing for each. You must supply the graphic to us in either .GIF or .JPG format for our approval. We encourage the use of static graphics, but if you have an animated graphic, we will be happy to review it for consideration. Your ad will be placed on the pages of your choice.

Size 468x60 Banner ads are approved for the top and bottom of all pages. All other sized ads are approved for the right side of all pages only. Available sizes include 120x60, 120x90, 120x120 and 120x240.

Best for branding, messaging, promotions, or to drive traffic to your own web site, we suggest fixed ad campaigns to ensure maximum exposure and penetration of your target market segments. A fixed ad campaign means that your banner ad is displayed at all times on the page or pages you choose for the length of our agreement.

Placing an ad on our front page costs more than other available pages, but ensures you the best possible exposure to our visitors.

We offer:
  • Two-month minimum contract
  • Deep discounts for multiple pages and topics
  • Six month contract earns a 10% discount on total contract
  • Twelve month contract earns a 15% discount on total contract
  • First month and last month due in advance on all contracts
  • Advertising begins upon receipt of your check
  • Sorry, no credit card orders

If you have any questions, special needs, wild ideas or special promotions, please email us. We are approachable, adaptable and eager to work with you. Ideas for sponsoring contests and promotions are also welcome - our readers are a fun-loving bunch and are sure to enjoy them!

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Advertisement Info

120x60 sized banner Home Page - $110
Target Page - $20
Target Topic - $35
Entire Site - $200

120x120 banner Home Page - $150
Target Page - $30
Target Topic- $50
Entire Site - $230

120x90 banner
Home Page - $130
Target Page - $20
Target Topic - $45
Entire Site - $200

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